The Lawn Next Door

Here's the prologue to a short story I completed this month.

It started raining. Sam opened up the window to let some of the cold air in. He remembered how much he enjoyed it in his childhood. Making paper boats and just watching them float. He smiled a bit, but it faded away as swiftly as it had arrived. He went back into his room, turned on his laptop, and spent the rest of the evening watching whatever came on top of his YouTube feed.

Forced by habit, he opened his Facebook account and started scrolling through the posts. Everyone was, as usual, happy. Rose is travelling the world. Thomas is now engaged. Jack got promoted at work. It was long overdue, he thought. He liked the status update. He wrote a congratulatory message in the comments but hesitated to post it. It seemed like a good opportunity to get back in touch instead. And so he sent it as a direct message.

"Heartiest congratulations bro!"
Jack was quick to reply, "Thanks man. It's been a long time, let's catch up sometime?"
"Sure. I'll invite others in our group as well."
"How about just you and me? Saturday 4pm?"
Sam paused for a bit. It was unlike Jack to meet alone. Ten different thoughts crossed Sam's mind in a flash of a second. He started typing frantically. After writing 3 long sentences, he erased them all.

After what seemed to him like an eternity, Sam finally managed to send, "See you at Starbucks then! :)"

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